2020 / 2021 Editions


**2021 COPS 30 Miler update, posted 02/02/21**

Currently all places for the 2021 COPS 30 Miler are taken, however we continue to populate a no-obligation reserve list, so if you wish to be notified if any places become available, then please email admin@cops30miler.org to be added.

We are still hopeful that the 2021 event will go ahead as planned on 11th Sept 2021, however this is subject to a) Government legislation and public health guidance enabling us to do so in a safe and legal manner, and b) The Royal Marines being able to fulfill their offer to host the event on the day and supply the necessary resources / safety features / logistics etc. In an ever-moving landscape, RM operational commitments must take precedence and the Corps has been impacted by COVID and the associated restrictions as much as everyone else, so this may have an affect of forward planning for 2021.

We will keep you posted and advise you of any significant changes.

**2020 COPS 30 Miler update, posted 06/06/20**

As a result of the current unprecedented situation we are sorry to report that we have no option but to cancel the 2020 COPS 30 Miler. Reasons for this are outlined below, along with options for the future.

  • At the forefront of our decision-making is the risk to public health. The pandemic is far from over and we have an overriding responsibility to minimise the risk of transmission of this disease between COPS 30 Miler participants, families and friends attending, Clennell Hall staff and the Royal Marines facilitating the event. There is no realistic prospect of briefing and transporting participants safely, or maintaining social distancing during the event and we would be absolutely gutted if anyone were to inadvertently transmit the virus to others as a result.
  • With just 3 months to go before the planned date of the 2020 COPS 30 Miler, the restrictions that will be in place at that time in respect of social distancing are still unknown – it would be irresponsible for us to leave things much later in the hope that the Government will relax legislation, as this could give false hope and we appreciate there could be a greater impact on participants should we optimistically hold out, only to be forced cancel the event at short notice. Additionally, it is not even known if Clennell Hall, their camping grounds, or third party accommodation sites will be open by September.
  • The Royal Marines’ training programme has been impacted upon as a result of COVID19, meaning that some the resources earmarked for the 2020 COPS 30 Miler will now have to be redeployed to operational priorities – this alone significantly impairs their capacity to facilitate the event this year.
  • Consideration was given to postponing 2020 event until later in the year, however there is still a great deal of uncertainty about what the situation will look like in six months’ time, plus there would be insufficient daylight to run the day safely, so we have had to discount this.

Therefore, we believe it is only the fair and right notify you at the earliest opportunity that this year’s COPS 30 Miler cannot go ahead. We are so sorry and disappointed but hope you understand the rationale behind this decision.

However, we will transfer all 2020 registrants to the 2021 event at no additional cost. The provisional date for the 2021 COPS 30 Miler will be Saturday 11th September 2021. Due to its ideal location, we will be using Clennell Hall, Alwinton, Northumberland as a base once again.

Should anyone wish to withdraw then we will continue to populate the reserve list and will offer out any spaces that arise. Therefore, if you are interested in taking part in the 2021 event and wish to be contacted in the event a place becomes available, then if you supply your name and email address to admin@cops30miler.org  we will keep your details on record and contact you if a place becomes free, whereupon the standard process and conditions will apply from that point onwards (see below):

The registration fee is £60, which includes insurance and the cost of a souvenir T-shirt (and exclusive finishers’ patch if you make it to the end). All ‘profits’ will be split equally between COPS and the Royal Marines Charity.

Please note: There is a requirement to attend a mandatory safety briefing to be held on the previous evening – this is the same briefing that Royal Marines recruits are given prior to their 30 mile test march. The Royal Marines facilitating the COPS 30 Miler will not allow anyone onto the course if they have not received this briefing, so please ensure you take this into account when planning your travel and accommodation.

Successful registrants are also required to create a JustGiving for sponsors to donate electronically. Registrants will be sent relevant details and a quick tutorial on how to set up a personal page that will direct sponsors to the correct account. (Please note: there is a minimum pledge – please see the Q&A page for more information on this).

You can find more info by following the official COPS 30 Miler twitter account or by joining our Facebook group.

Please note that registration fees are non-refundable and you must be aged 18 or over to take part.

Good luck!