2021 Edition: Important Announcement


**2021 COPS 30 Miler: Important Announcement 25/05/21**

It is with much regret we are announcing that due to circumstances beyond our control the COPS 30 Miler 2021 has been cancelled.

The fundraising event is reliant on the support of the Royal Marines who provide essential services, managing the logistics, safety aspects and radio communications on the hills. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in 2021 the Royal Marines have withdrawn their offer of support for the 2021 COPS 30 Miler.

The safety of all participants is of paramount importance and given the extreme nature of the challenge, we have made the difficult decision that the event simply cannot take place without the Royal Marines in attendance.

Every effort has been made to find an alternative way to ensure the event could continue; below there is a link to a document which provides you with further details regarding the cancellation and alternative options which were explored prior to our final decision:

COPS 30 Miler 2021 Update

We are incredibly grateful to the Royal Marines who have supported the event from 2016 and we recognise the valuable contribution that they have made over the years to make this event a success.

The COPS 30 Miler has earnt a well-deserved reputation as one of the UK’s toughest and most prestigious military load-bearing endurance challenges, whilst also becoming a key annual fundraising event with funds split between Care of Police Survivors and the Royal Marines Charity – during its lifespan, it raised over £77,000 for the two charities.

The sponsorship money raised by participants has been hugely appreciated and allowed both charities to continue to provide much needed services and support to their beneficiaries. We are grateful to all the fundraising efforts of the participants and the generous donations received from their families and friends.

We hope that everyone who has been involved in the COPS 30 Miler over the years will continue to support COPS and the RMC, to enable these important charities to provide vital care and support to the families of police officers and Royals who have lost their lives serving Queen and Country.

We would also like to personally thank everyone who has every taken part or has supported the COPS 30 Miler in any way, as well as those of you who were due to take part this year; we know that many of you will have already undertaken hours of training, fundraising and planning for the event, so it comes with great sadness that the event can no longer go ahead as planned.

Simon Guilfoyle

Lee Gosling