Health Warning

The following is really important – please read carefully!

The COPS 30 miler is an extreme endurance event requiring a prolonged period of physical exertion and will not be suitable for everybody. It involves exposure to the elements, uneven surfaces, varying gradients and rugged outdoor terrain, whilst carrying a backpack weighing 32lbs, plus water. In previous years less than half of the participants have completed the course – the 30 Miler is a commando test for a reason! There will be no scope to remove weight from your bergens during the event. Participants will therefore require significant preparation, training and determination.

By registering to take part in this event, you agree to the following:

  • You take part in the event at your own risk and are aged 18 or over.
  • You warrant that you will have undertaken sufficient preparation prior to the event and are of a suitable level of health and fitness to safely participate. You also confirm that you have no known pre-existing medical conditions which may adversely affect your ability to partake. (You will be provided with general advice on training, foot care, equipment and nutrition; however, your personal welfare is your own responsibility, so if you are in any doubt about your suitability to take partake it is advised that you consult with your GP to seek further medical advice).
  • The Royal Marines will facilitate the event to a standard close to their own 30 mile test march, making reasonable provision to support the safety and well being of participants (to include risk assessment, advance route planning and testing, first aid and water provision, marshalling, the provision of a support vehicle and predetermined emergency evacuation points); however, due to the nature of the activity, it is not possible to guarantee that no injuries will be incurred. You accept this and indemnify the Royal Marines, COPS and the event founders against any claims for injury, loss or damage, unless such incidences occur as a direct result of gross negligence.
  • There will be a mandatory safety briefing on the evening prior to the event. Participants will be notified direction of the time and location.
  • You may withdraw from the event at any time, although this will incur forfeiture of your entry fee (which will be donated to COPS and RMCTF).